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Planning a Dream Vacation

Traveling With Young Kids? 3 Tips For Getting To Your Gate On Time

by Isabella Stanley

Traveling with kids takes finesse. Not only do you have to keep everyone happy, you have to get everyone from point A to point B without incident, and you have to be there at a specified time. That can be hard to do with young kids, especially if they're cranky or uncooperative. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make sure you arrive at your gate on time and make your flight even if your kids are making your life difficult. 

Get a Ride

If at all possible, get a ride to the airport. Having a friend, family member, or shuttle service drop you off at the airport curb can save you a great deal of time. You won't have to worry about parking at the airport or timing your arrival just right so you can catch a shuttle from long-term parking to the terminal. Also, you won't get stuck walking. In some airports, the distance from long-term parking to the terminal is quite long and tiresome for young kids.

If you have to drive yourself, be sure to arrive at the lot just a few minutes before the airport shuttle is due to arrive. Kids get cranky when they have to wait long periods of time, and they will have to do enough waiting inside.

Make Reservations Online

It may be difficult to get a string of seats next to one another if you wait until the last minute. This is especially true of popular flights. To avoid the hassle of trying to get a bunch of seat together at the last minute, make your reservations online. When picking your seats, be sure to consider where they are. Seats that are close to the restroom make the most sense when you have young kids. 

Check-In at the Curb

Some airports allow you to check-in upon your arrival at the curb. This is an awesome time saver that will allow you to skip standing in at least one line. What's more, you can leave your kids in the car while you get checked in and have porters handle the luggage. When you're finished, all you will have to do is worry about your kids and getting through security. 

Even with all of these time-saving strategies, you still have to make sure you arrive at the airport well before your flight time. For domestic flights, you should arrive 2 hours before your flight time. International flights require a 3-hour window. For more information on airport transportation, talk to a professional like Naples Transportation & Tours.