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Planning a Dream Vacation

3 Must-Have Adventures To Include On Your Mexican Vacation

by Isabella Stanley

Hanging out on the beach with a fruity cocktail in your hand is a great way to spend your vacation. However, when traveling out of the country to exotic locations, you should consider adding a bit of fun and excitement to your vacation. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, make sure to add these adventures to your vacation's itinerary.

Zipline and Aerial Adventure

Your hotel in Mexico may be located right on the beach, but you should really leave the resort and enjoy a day amidst the trees. A zipline canopy tour is not only exciting, but also memorable.

You will move through a series of ziplines, at various heights and lengths, in a safe manner. During the tour, you will see wildlife and native plants of the tropical jungle.

A zipline aerial adventure through the trees will provide you and your travel companions with a unique, educational, and exciting memory that will last for many years to come.


Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is one of the best places to fish. If you are searching for a combination of relaxation and adventure, consider sportsfishing while on your Mexican vacation.

Charter a boat from local fishing company like Dos Pablos Sportfishing and head out for a full day of fishing. Enjoy catching all of the big fish, including sailfish, marlin, tuna, and mahi-mahi. Heading out to the Tres Maria Islands, which is an estimated 80 mile trip one way, offers you the best chance of catching enormous Yellowfin Tuna. If you want to stay a bit closer to land, drop your hook in the Nuevo Vallarta Area. This area is where the salt water meets the fresh water, offering up various types of delicious fish.

With comfortable temperatures, amazing views, and a large variety of fish just waiting for you to bait them, a sportsfishing adventure is a must-have for your vacation.

Cavern Swim

To set your eyes on the glorious eco-system of the Mexican pacific, enjoy time swimming, snorkeling, and exploring Banderas Bay in and around the Marietta Islands. Enjoy swimming in the caverns to cool off after spending time in the sun.

During your adventure, you may see sea turtles, dolphins, manta rays, tons of tropical fish, and even whales in their natural habitat. You will most likely see humpback whales in the bay during the winter season.

Spending your days on the beach or by the pool is a perfectly acceptable way to spend your vacation. However, if you want a bit of fun, make sure to include one or all of these must-have adventures during your Mexican vacation.