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Planning a Dream Vacation

Luxury Car Wine Tours: Pick Up Options To Suit Your Needs

by Isabella Stanley

Making the decision to take a luxury car wine tour can be quite exciting. You can taste all of the best wines in the California wine region and have a paid chauffeur to act as your designated sober driver. After you have flown or driven into California, there are a couple of ways in which a wine tour driver can pick you up to start the tour.

From the Airport

Since luxury car wine tours often utilize limousines, black cars, and black car service, picking you up from the airport and starting your tour right away may be one option. When you are flying into California just for the day and flying home later the same day, and you want to squeeze a wine tour into your visit, this is one way to do it. If your sole purpose for flying into California is the wine tour, you may also be able to book a half day or all-day wine tour excursion that would pick you (and any accompanying guests) up from the airport and then return you to the same airport hours later. With this option, all of the logistics are worked out for you for the tour.

From Your Hotel/Motel

This is probably the most common way to start your wine tour. When you book the tour, be sure to include the information of where you will be staying so that the driver knows where to pick you up. Be sure to be in front of the hotel/motel lobby ten minutes prior to your departure with your wine tour tickets in hand and everything else you will need or want to bring with you.

From the Wine Tours Office

If you drove into California wine country, some luxury car wine tours allow you to drive to their offices and start your tour from there. (Often, a complimentary bottle of wine to start the tour is included in the package to get the party started when you start your tour from the office of your wine tour company.) Not many people choose this option because it means that you have to stop sipping, sampling or drinking wine at least an hour before you expect to return to the wine tour office and your vehicle. If you are more into the touring part and less into the wine sampling, then this might be a viable option for you.

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