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Planning a Dream Vacation

Moorage Services In Foreign Ports-Of-Call: Why Reservations Are A Must

by Isabella Stanley

If you have a big, beautiful sailboat or a magnificent, seagoing yacht, you probably want to take your boat out for a spin around the world. Wait, what about foreign ports-of-call? One simply cannot sail into a harbor in France, Italy, Egypt or China and park his/her boat. There are protocols, rules and regulations in each country. Moorage services "over there" are very different from what they are in the U.S. Consider making reservations in advance to your arrival; here are several reasons why.

Short on Space

Some foreign ports are already hopping with the numerous boats and watercraft belonging to the local citizens. That means that you could arrive in a foreign port where there is very little space for your boat and really no place to moor it. Then your boat has to cast anchor all the way out in the ocean, offshore, and then you have to row in with a dinghy. That really does not work when you are traveling the globe. Reservations help.

You Need to Know Where/to Whom to Show Your Passport after Docking

When you fly to another country, you have to pass through immigration checkpoints in the airport and show your passport. When you sail your own boat into a foreign harbor, you have to check in with immigration officers as well. If you make reservations to moor your boat, then some countries will have immigration officers check your passport when you dock and before you get off your boat to tour the city. Other countries have an immigration office near the docks and available mooring space where you can flash your passport after you get off your boat to tie it up. Making reservations for moorage services in advance helps familiarize you with when and where you will need to show an immigration officer your passport.

You Need to Know All Applicable Restrictions in Advance

Finally, you will discover (if you have not already guessed) that there are numerous restrictions and laws in place for foreign boats landing in each of the different countries you want to visit. By making reservations for moorage and docking services, you will have the opportunity to ask about these restrictions and laws so that you are not breaking the laws or getting into trouble in a foreign country. Certain countries may even seize your boat as an asset or preventive flight risk measure if you break the country's rules. Reserve your boat's space ahead, and ask about all laws pertaining to the arrival and stay of foreign boats.